NanoDays- March 29-April 5

Join us for our first NanoDays with activities dealing with super small science! Check out our flyer for more info: NanoDays... more ›

Hours of Operation

Monday:   Closed Admission
Tuesday:   10am - 5pm $8 General Admission
Wednesday:   10am - 5pm $7 Senior Citizens
Thursday:   10am - 5pm FREE 15 months & under
Friday:   10am - 5pm  
Saturday:   10am - 5pm  
Sunday:   12pm - 5pm  

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NanoDays- March 29-April 5

Join us for our first NanoDays with activities dealing with super small science! Check out our flyer for more info: NanoDays... more ›

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Capital Campaign

“Children’s museums serve as town squares and build

social capital. For children and families, the children’s

newlogomuseum has emerged as the community institution

providing a unique, interactive environment where

children and adults connect.”

 –  The Case for Children’s Museums



Good morning,

Just take a walk with me through our world of make believe. It’s morning and the museum isn’t quite open yet.  You can see ships moving up the Fox River and from inside the museum, you can see children’s faces pressed against windows of the new museum and the children have pure joy in their eyes. As soon as the doors open, families stream inside to see the huge Hot Air Balloon welcome them.

Some stop in their tracks, others run ahead, but all look up with broad smiles. After the Hot Air Balloon, the Mighty Oak greets them. All over the 15,000 square-foot museum, visitors are drawn to exciting hands-on exhibits. Staff and volunteers invite families to interact and play. Parents and caregivers are excited by the convenience of onsite parking, stroller coral and family bathrooms. The many downtown residents and workers stop by to enjoy the new City Deck. Some wonder about the museum as a new site for their next corporate event. The news reports that Green Bay is abuzz with news that the children’s museum is a “must see.” While a dad checks into birthday parties, a mom remarks that she should get a membership because her children will insist on coming every week.


As I take it all in, I feel a sense of pride on the museum’s long-awaited completion. I’m humbled and honored to see that the newest addition to downtown demonstrates Green Bay’s commitment to children, play and learning—in the city’s very heart.

These visions aren’t just dreams – they can be reality. Now let your imagination run wild, and please join us as we make this dream come to life!

Toni Burnett

Executive Director

“Play is the way that children learn what no one can teach them. It is the way they explore and orient themselves to the actual world of space and time, of things, animals, structures and people. Play is the child’s work.        

                           – JK Franks




The Opportunity…To Dream

Green Bay needs a safe, fun, hands-on environment in which children can learn and play. Experience tells us, and neuroscience confirms, that learning occurs when new experiences, particularly in childhood, create new networks among brain cells. This happens best when two or more parts of the brain are being stimulated at the same time. Learning by doing – rather than merely listening or watching – works because it engages many of the five senses, creating wonder and stirring imaginations, as well as stimulating brain development.

To provide these vital experiences to more children more often and at a reasonable cost, the Children’s Museum of Green Bay will create an educational, play-filled environment dedicated to the children of today and tomorrow. With vision and support from adults today, future generations of Northeastern Wisconsin children will discover excitement and wonder at a new, state-of-the-art children’s museum.

The Children’s Museum of Green Bay will be affordable and allow, if for only an hour or so, children to escape into the world of the possibilities, to delve deeply into the world of imagination and what ifs. The new Children’s Museum of Green Bay will be a unique place in our community where kids will go to dream and where all families can learn together in an engaging and appealing setting.

Every healthy community needs a children’s museum. Many reputable community organizations in our area, such as the Einstein Project, Next Door Theatre and the Brown County Library, have chosen the Children’s Museum of Green Bay as an ideal setting to introduce science, the arts and humanities to children of all economic and cultural backgrounds.


InterdisciplinaryCore Curriculum ScienceRecognize that children are natural scientists and need to develop critical thinking skills for the complex issues that await them.


Embrace and unleash the creative spirit of children through art, dance, and music.


Strive to ground children in their own unique culture while helping them learn about and value the cultures of others.

Early Learning

Recognize that positive physical, social, and emotional experiences from age 0 to 3 are the seeds of human intelligence and children need to grow in a rich learning environment.

Civic Engagement

Help children practice the basics of citizenship and the democratic process to give them a sense of how they can make a difference in the community.



“This is one of the most important investments we can make for our

children and community.”
- John Kress



Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

A captain of a ship?

A firefighter?

A doctor?

A teacher?

A mom?

Stimulating the excitement of learning

Development in the early years depends on providing young children with exposure to new and stimulating experiences; caring, responsive adults; and safe and nurturing communities. The Children’s Museum of Green Bay will encourage children to learn according to their own developmental readiness, in their own styles, by offering hands-on activities that allow them to tinker, experiment and observe. No child will fail here.

The multi-sensory exhibits will enhance curiosity, teach problem solving and encourage social interaction and communication. They will help children learn about the world around them, whether it’s running the grocery store, building a new house or cruising under the sea in a submarine. As boys and girls freely interact with the exhibits, they will develop curiosity and creativity, leading their own learning experiences.

This museum will ask children to “Please touch.” In this safe, creative and educational environment, children will develop self-confidence and social skills and experience different perspectives through role-playing.

 Children’s museums create wonder by:

• Providing families with quality leisure activities where children and adults participate as a family

Offering active, unstructured, open-ended activities that naturally promote learning

• Inviting visitors from near and far to a safe, hands-on environment where creativity and fun go hand in hand


Exhibit concepts and galleries

Our collaborative process involves the community. Whether it’s an exhibit, education program, outreach activity, festival or summer camp, our planning is a collaboration with many community groups and input from children themselves. Museum experiences complement and reinforce learning that occurs at school and home, when kids are building skills and knowledge in multiple ways.

Exhibits and programs are:

• Created and built by experts in the field.

• Evaluated for meeting age-appropriate cognitive, emotional, social, and problem-solving skills.

• Designed through a process that includes children and educators.

Our exhibits emerge from the local fabric of life that children experience all around them.

With the Mighty Oak, Bay and Fox River, lighthouse, campground and fishing pier, our exhibits reflect the history of the region that makes us unique.  The museum’s commitment to sustainability, which will include using as many natural materials and employing local artists and craftspeople, is another way for children to come to a deeper appreciation of the region in which they live.





Campaign goal                 $2.5 million


Building                       $2.2 million

Exhibits                       $900,000 Thousand

Endowment                  $300,000 Thousand


Your support makes a difference. Your support enhances life for all by connecting children to their families, their communities,

and the world beyond through discovery learning and creative play. Best of all, your support connects one generation to the

next as  The Children’s Museum of Green Bay becomes a permanent and beloved part of growing up…here.


Why invest in a children’s museum?

Unlike children in days of old, many kids today don’t have the safe, enriching environments older generations typically had. By positioning the museum downtown, we’ll be in close proximity to nine schools where up to 98 percent of the kids are considered “at risk.” Many other kid-friendly destinations are nearby, so we can develop partnerships with the YWCA, Boys and Girls Club, Neville Public Museum and the Meyer Theatre, all of which offer programs and activities that will further enrich children’s experiences at the museum.

Children’s museums are family friendly, non-judgmental, and safe environments where families can follow their natural senses of curiosity and learn and have fun together. Unlike typical museums, touching is encouraged with our exhibits. Children’s museums like ours use sights, sounds, smells and touch to educate children through play. To preschoolers and younger, there is no differentiation between learning and play. A children’s museum is specifically built to take advantage of this wonderful window of opportunity for growth.

From the moment visitors see the exterior of the building, they’ll know this is one place that was created to delight and inspire children. Once inside, 15,000 square feet of kid-friendly exhibits will draw kids like magnets, inspiring them to lead their parents around the facility in their excitement. And they can manipulate their environments, interacting with the exhibits and boosting self-esteem in the process. Building the museum downtown gives us visibility. It shows the children in the community that they – just like the museum – are front and center in our community.

At the most basic level, the Children’s Museum of Green Bay is a place that puts children first. That’s because children’s museums are created with the sole purpose of inspiring children to learn in an environment they know was created just for them. Help us to create the educational safe haven our community’s children need. Invest in the Children’s Museum, a hallmark destination that will remain viable for generations of children to come.

What is a children’s museum?

Children’s museums are institutions committed to serving the needs and interests of children by providing exhibits and programs that stimulate curiosity and motivate learning. Children’s museums bring children and families together in a new kind of “Town Square,” where play inspires lifelong learning. Outreach programs for at-risk and under-served youth, school partnerships, and parent resource programs in early childhood are just some of the ways children’s museums serve families in their communities.

Who are our patrons?

  • Families with children between the ages of 1 and 10
  • Daycare centers (groups)
  • Family care centers (groups)
  • Head Start, Even Start, Neighborhood Family Resource Centers
  • Family Violence Center, Literacy and Parent Groups
  • Grade Schools throughout Northeast Wisconsin
  • Boy Scouts, Brownies and Junior Girl Scouts
  • Family visitors from out of town and conventioneer families

 How many children’s museums are in the U.S.?

There are approximately 265 members in the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM). ACM estimates that there are about 80 children’s museums in start-up phase in the United States.

 What is the admission cost for the museum?

The museum will charge $8 per person and $5 as a group rate.  The cost to the museum for each person who visits is $11.  We will make up the $3 difference each year with 2 special events.  Golf for Kids and the Mystery of the Museum.

Will all children be able to visit the museum?

With our Children of Promise program all children regardless of ability to pay will be able to visit the museum.  We will also based on need offer discounted family memberships.

 How is a children’s museum different from other museums?


“The Children’s Museum is a vital part

of our effort to create a vibrant and

exciting downtown. A place for families to live, play, earn and learn.”

                               – Mayor Jim Schmitt

A Children’s Museum emphasizes education and contextual, interactive exhibits. More traditional museums focus on preservation/research, permanent collections, and non-tactile displays. The Children’s Museum of Green Bay is child-centered, focusing on the needs and interests of the audience, motivating learning, and empowering visitors through direct experience. Children’s museums are a pioneering and dynamic group of institutions that are challenging and redefining the boundaries of the traditional museum world.

How will you sustain the Children’s Museum once it is built? Will you have to conduct a fund-raising campaign each year for annual gift support?

We will sustain ourselves through our admission, party rental, programming and memberships. Much like other nonprofit organizations we will have a number of events and an annual appeal for the museum.

 For more information please call Toni Burnett at 920  432-4397 or to donate on our secure web site: